Terms & Conditions

Supreme Development Terms

We reserve the right to change these terms at anytime without n

  • a. These Terms and Conditions refer to the definitions and expressions mentioned hereby with the following meaning included hereby:
       i. "Supreme Development" includes the following meaning "We", "Our", "Us", or "Provider"
       ii. "User" and/or "Users" include/includes the following meaning "You", "Your", "Yourself", or "User"
       iii. "Terms" include the following meaning of these "Terms and Conditions"
       iv. "This" and / or "The Product" includes the product inferred to.

  • a. By purchasing our products, you agree to follow all terms outlined here.
    b. We withhold the right to edit, change, add, or remove any term at any time without warning or consulting any customer.
    c. You are under no circumstance allowed to redistribute this any product Supreme Development creates or distributes on our platforms.
    d. You are not allowed to share our products, or your licenses with anyone.
    e. You are not allowed to claim our products as your own.
    f. We do offer license transfers, but they will require additional authentication & are subject to a transfer fee,
       i. products costing less than $100 are subject to a $5 fee, products costing more are subject to a fee equal to 25% of product.
    g. Clients must not work with, or employ community members listed in #client-do-not-work-with
    h. Products are only ensured to work on Java version 1.8.0 running on Linux (Ubuntu)

  • a. You are not permitted to resell, or leak our products.
    b. You are not permitted to decompile, deobfuscate, or attempt to view source code of our products.
    c. You are not permitted to have someone else decompile, deobfuscate, or attempt to view source code of any of our products.
    d. At no time, are you allowed to chargeback, refund, or file a dispute on any product we create.
       i. This includes you winning or losing the dispute.
       ii. In the event of a license termination, you are not entitled to any dispute or refund.
    e. At no time, are you allowed to file false reports about our products.

  • a. We withhold the right to terminate your license at any point for but not limited to
       i. Attempting to decompile our products.
       ii. Redistributing our products.
       iii. Posting false claims about the product on any medium.
       iv. Claiming the product as your own.
       v. Filing a chargeback or disputing a purchase.
       vi. Leaking any of our products.
       vii. Obscuring or blocking licensing systems intentionally to circumvent licensing services.
       viii. Scamming a client or Supreme. We dont do business with scammers.
       ix. Being involved with or directly being linked to a DOX or DDOS threats against clients or Supreme.
       x. Being involved with or giving access to a known scammer involving Supreme products or clients.
       xi. Purchasing with or using a Discord account that you do not use as a Main discord that has access to our products.

  • a. If a license is terminated for any reason, it is not subject to a refund in any way.
    b. We are not required to inform anyone of a license termination.
    c. We withhold the right to terminate licenses and access at any point for any reason.
    d. License termination does not affect the rules of any product. If you are found to break any of these rules once your license has been terminated, action outside the our platform will be taken.
    e. If users involved in a termination owns multiple products, all connected licenses will in turn be deactivated as well.
    f. In the event of a termination, it is your responsibility to contact us to resolve open issues, or remove unlicensed products from your possession.
    g. Clients employing, working with, or giving access to our products with members listed in #client-do-not-work-with are subject to having licenses terminated without warning.

  • a. We offer support through Discord only. It is your responsibility to reach out to our support team for assistance.
    b. If you encounter a problem, bug, defect, or error in our products, it is your responsibility to reach out to us.
    c. You may not share any part of our product with any persons in order to receive support unless that person is a verified support member appointed by Supreme Development.

  • a. All our products are built using Minecraft version 1.8.8. Other versions may be supported, but are not supported unless otherwise outlined at the time of sale.
    b. If you have a problem, or find an issue within one of our products, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure we can help accordingly.
    c. In order to use one of our products on your platform, you must
       i. Own 50% or more share in the venture
       ii. Have access to some proof of ownership
       iii. Domain ownership
       iv. Some other proof that may be approved by staff at that point in time.
    d. Customers can request unlimited IP changes at any point in time. These changes are not instant and must be approved by a staff member.

  • a. You are required to pay in-full upfront before you will receive a license to any product.
    b. Once purchased you are not entitled to a refund for any reason at any point.
    c. Payments are only accepted through the following gateways
       i. Card - Processed by Stripe
       ii. CryptoCurrency (BTC, ETH, XRP, TRX)

  • a. You may not share product information outside the channel designated to your product.
    b. You may not share third party products with backdoors/rats or that are leaked anywhere.
    c. General toxicity, or rudeness will result in a mute or ban
    d. You may not threaten any other members with DDOS attacks, doxing, etc.