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Creating top-of-the-line commissions & products since 2019

Supreme "In the Beginning"

Supreme was founded by Savag3life & Lone____Wolf back in 2019 as one of the first commercial minecraft development groups.

  • What makes us unique?

    We were the first to be completely indepent of market places & other processers. We handle every aspect of Supreme in-house via our Discord server.

  • Why Supreme over others?

    As you'll see in our vouches channel or our testimonials, client's adore not only our products, but also our support staff & the community we've created around SupremeDev

  • Our Community

    Over the past 2 years, we've built a friendly, passionate, and creative community to support us in our idea process & assist in day-to-day operations.

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Here a few of our favorites

We strive to create the highest quality products for our clients & we feel our public product lineup keeps true to this statement.


Supreme Factions

The only feature-rich, highly optimized FactionsUUID fork that won't murder your wallet. Easily stack up to $500 jars with our affordable fork. Over 18 Custom Features, 30 Anti-Glitch fixes, and 100+ hours of optimizations.


Supreme Hoes

A Vanity-Style harvester hoe plugin, complete with CaneTop, CaneCaptcha, and 8 Enchants with unlimited levels! Sold for a reasonable price unlike other similar plugins which have less features and cost over twice as much. ( $150 Omegalul )


Supreme Printer

Regular Printer mode plugins require players to select blocks they want to print and have them in their inventory to allow Schematica to find them. Having players in Creative mode allows Schematica to find & select blocks automatically & improves printing speeds significantly.


Supreme Meteors

A high quality envoy plugin that spawns a meteor from the sky and crashes with a asteroid inside! Some of the best animations you can get publicly, most optimizations possible and competes with all other public envoy plugins easily. Originally made by ElapsedDev.


Supreme Tools

Amazing faction tools that include, trench tools, sand wands, lightning wands, and tray pickaxes which remove all lag from having to water your walls by doing it ASync while traying your bases walls!


Free Products

Supreme truely values our client base, so we also offer multiple free products that are only accessible to our customers, completely free of charge.


Client & Server Owner

Vouch for Supreme Development! Great products with fantastic developers! Big vouch for Savag3life and Lone____Wolf for being sexy humans 😩


Client & Server Owner

Kinda a big fan of these plugins, barley ever have any issues and if there is staff is very quick to assist or fix whatever we need. Every time I see a new plug-in being released I try to convince my partner we need to buy it. Having plugins and staff that we can rely on 24/7 is amazing. Personally own almost every Surpreme plug-in


Client & Server Owner

I could not recommend Supreme Plugins more!! They are always quick to respond and help me out with any issue I run into. I have Factions, Spawners, Collectors, Hoes, TokenShop, Printer, Tools, and I love every one of them. This team takes the time to make sure every little detail is perfect and they are constantly rolling out updates. Great set of plugins that all work together seamlessly!


Client & Server Owner

These 3 plugins i just listed are the best plugin purchases i have ever made, When there is an issue support team will immediately respond and handle my issue or any questions i have. Another thing is the performance on these plugins are incredible I have never seen a developer more hard working than Jacob and Lone. They are both great and respectful developers. Huge vouch for them! Keep up the great work guys looking forward on purchasing more plugins in the future!


Frequently Asked Questions

These are are our most asked questions...

  • Supreme only directly supports Card via Stripe, and Crypto (BTC, ETH, TRX, LTC, ADA) payments. We offer a verified reseller program which you can also use to purchase products with un-supported payment platforms.

  • Supreme current supports game versions 1.8, 1.12, and 1.13. In the future, we may be able to implement support for additional game versions.

  • Due to the security & protection we have in place, Supreme's products will only be available on Linux systems.

  • All you need to do to purchase is join our Discord & create a purchase ticket. One of our support members will answer any questions you have there aswell.